Sunday, January 11

THANK YOU and FARWELL... for now...

So we did what we set out to do for a 2008 experimental blog project: Wavemaker365. It was a fun and worth while web experience.

We truly appreciate everyone's comments, feedback, corrections, amendments, arguments, shout outs, even after we fell off back in November. An overwhelming number of you have asked why we stopped. If there is one particular reason, it is probably one of the conclusions we learned from doing Wavemaker365: A blog is not enough.

There is a lot more in this blog than you think, so take another look. Keep an eye out for the Wavemaker365 website/online magazine ! It will be bigger and better!!

Thanks again to all who contributed and gave us look !

Thursday, November 6


The 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama.
This is the biggest historic moment I have ever experienced in my life time. The world of sports claim that all records are meant to be broken. Now, I can say in culture or society, standards are meant to be broken! For the first time in my life, I personally felt hope and enlightenment for the USA, not just on dealing with political issues, but more for the cultural and social mending.
You don't need to be a minority to relate to this election of an African American. If you have ever been discriminated for just the way you look, I hope you are aware of the magnitude of this presidential election. We hope President Obama will symbolize a new era of equality for all.
If you are an American minority and shed no emotion over this unprecedented event of breaking the color/ethnic barrier in America, then you have been socially disconnected. This event should remove the White America subliminal racial wool from over your eyes!!

Here is a fantastic slide show of front pages of all the major newspapers on the day after the election, November 5, 2008.
Newspaper Headlines of Elections

Sunday, November 2


"And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. "
John F. Kennedy

Since it is election month, I decided this month's theme for the Wavemaker365 Motivational Quotes will be from presidents. Here is my favorite. It summarizes what successful do; they act on the betterment of a cause greater than themselves.

Wednesday, October 15


If several cars have a device called a speed governor to limit the vehicle's maximum speed, why can't this be done for all cars at a slower speed? Why not try a 75 mph limit?

a) Saves lives. No more high speed fatalities; joy rides, racing , rushing. There were over 43,000 fatalities last year. Over 80% were due to speeding violations.
b) Saves gas. Less efficient consumption over 75 mph. Gas will never ever get cheaper. Greener!
c) Better car prices. The faster the car the more expensive it gets. Try to reverse this American fallacy that bigger engine and faster car is better. Shii, I can cruise with a Bentley that doesn't do 80mph
d) Less tickets. So what if each police department makes less money on speeding tickets compared saving more lives!
e) Jurisdiction Unity. The highest speed limit is 75 mph in the U.S. So, agreeing on an interstate speed limit should be a cake walk. This isn't like an interstate tax/budget issue where theres several numbers involved. Keep the speed limit signs at every state line so theres not doubt. Germany does it with their neighboring countries!

I know there are several issues involved. I'm very curious how serious a resistance there is to this. Would I have to go up against GM or Ford, like cigarette opponents fight powerful corporations in the tobacco industry?

Sunday, October 12

Motivational Quotes: TIME

"Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished." - OG Mandino

Sunday, October 5

Motivational Quotes: TIME

"The only time you can't afford to fail is the last time you try." - Charles Kettering

Saturday, October 4

WaveMaker365 Music Showcase: New Wave Song Remakes

Hi there! It is RRR; Rikki RooRave again. This month I'm revealing my favorite remakes/covers of New Wave songs.
This is probably the most unique cover of any New Wave song. The original song most consider an anthem of that era. What makes it totally standout is that its acoustic, far from the electro pop sound of the original by New Order. Here's Frente with their remake of Bizarre Love Triangle.

Did you say, "Aahh, Shiii!" ? Haha, then your old school too!
See ya next week,