Friday, January 25

Dr. Self Diagnosis

I always seems to do a lot of psuedo-medical research on my ailments. In this case my knees, the left one in particular. For a week, I end up reading about the medical terms and conditions found on sites like I also look at all these fancy diagrams of the knee's ligaments, like this one. I press and probe all around my knee to locate the area of pain. I self diagnose the problem instead of visiting a real doctor for weeks. Its must be a guy thing. I come to a conclusion that my meniscus and my anterior cruciate ligament are both deteriorating. This then justifies my decision to see my doctor so he can prescribe something good for ligaments and joints. (thats the only reason why we need doctors anyway, right?) I go on and on to tell him that the years of sports activity have finally caught up to my age, and my 20's are far from gone. I say the past years of snowboarding really has taken it toll on my ligaments.
After twisting and turning to examine my knee, he says that theres no ligament or meniscus damage at all because I would be in pain if there was. He reiterates that I only have minor tendonitis in the front (patellar) knee, NO ligament damage. Its partly the winter cold, and partly, the lack of exercise that causes the knee tendon to stiffen up, he advised. If you don't exercise, tendons like muscles, get weak. If you dont warm up, tendons like muscles get tight. Then when you use them when they're cold, they pinch, ache and swell.
Another lesson learned (or unlearned?) from Dr. Self-Dianosis...

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