Friday, January 4

As young children realize...

... the concept of age and death, adults reach that reality somehow and sometime in their own lives. Whether they experience it in a shocking loss of a close family member or realize it gradually during monthly visits volunteering at a nursing home, there is the reality of mortality. Age and time; the primary ingredients of mortality. However, some individuals never realize it until they experience a near death experience. Even then, some people never can accept they are merely human and continue to push their mortality risking their lives in doing so. So, how are you looking at this premise? Are you looking at it like one of those cavern/cliff jumper thrill seekers to seize a rush? Or are you looking at it as a cut-throat individuals driven by the power and money to seize a monetary gain? Or are you looking at it as a closet drug addict or alcoholic to seize the escape of life? So many ways to learn this lesson. Have I? Have You?

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