Thursday, January 10

Boob Tube

I always thought the term boob tube meant that watching too much television would fry your brain. I am trying recall if there was a time or place that there was a wave of groups delivering that message. Was it near the time in the 80's when, the biggest national slogan was 'Just say No to drugs' ? Or was it in shows or movies to illustrate a super conservative and strict character. Or do I vaguely remember how some of my sarcastic professors responded to me when I did not have a report that was due. In a strained sarcastic voice, I see them saying, "Why didn't you finish your report, watching the boob tube?" (Oh man, I just surfed it. It looks like there are groups that want to eliminate television for over 30 years. Their philosophies do have some logic.)
The actual definition of the boob tube is; the slang term for a television set. Doesn't it seem like it has a negative connotation to it? However and whatever the origin of this term, I find that there are still more junk than intelligent shows from TV land. I just realized tonight that I have been watching more TV in the past year that I ever did. Is it because of HDTV (High Definition Television)? I think so. I started programming my cable box to record shows on HD channels.
It actually becomes a real easy topic of conversation with many people that you the same TV shows. Some people even admit that they watch as soon as they get home from work. They line up their night to watch two or three shows that were running simultaneously the night before or the shows they miss while at work. There people who are religious about their shows. Plus they really get personal about it. What's really amazing is that there is a an elite group that religiously must watch not just one or two favorite shows, but have to watch over ten shows. I'm talking about the ones that can give you perfectly detailed synopsis of the episode!
I admit I started recording and watching all the movies that I always wanted to see but were on at bad times. There were several of them. That lasted a month. Now there are several movies I recorded three months ago that I still have not watched! Maybe I got tired just sitting lifelessly. Maybe I realized I still own my own ideas. (So maybe another reason for to blog)
Our society may need less TV, but millions of people want it. Those millions who watch TV, love TV!

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