Saturday, January 12

Car Wash

My car (SUV) was filthy on the outside. So I went to a car wash I have never been to. It looks all right. I see plenty of nice cars lining when I get gas in the same lot. Mind you, I've only had my car for a few months. I like to keep all my all my cars clean in the past.
So I go through. I'm already feeling the seven dollar for a normal car wash isn't worth it. No suds! Then, I come out and I find my rear wiper is dangling. Its retention nut is stripped! These people did not tape down my rear wiper! They say it's not their responsibility. They show me the sign that lists any damage they are excused from. How am I supposed to see this sign I say. They sat there like this was a common issue that they're conditioned to walk away from. Is it worth it to go through management or insurance? I left pissed.
The car wash I usually go to always tapes the rear wiper. $30 later to fix my wiper, I keep duck tape in my trunk. Not all car washes tape wipers, not even the over priced car washes!

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