Wednesday, January 16

Fraud = Security Breach

So I get a call from American Express checking with me about fraud transactions they have detected. She tells me that a string of purchases were made last month. I said they were not by me. She said the call is to confirm that they are taking the fraud charges off. I agreed. Its their Dispute Resolution program that they've rolled out for the last months. You know, the commercial where John Mcenroe ends up apologizing to the judge that he argued a call with when he had played. A wave of thoughts came over me during this phone conversation. I felt like there was probably a security breach at Amex. Someone got a hold of client info and is now strategically using the cards to prevent from getting reeled in. Why else would a major credit company implement the program? hhmmmm... It also doesn't help that this foreign customer service rep is unable to diagnose that a purchase in Texas, then a purchase in Virginia can have the same time stamp due to different time zones. So it must me online fraud purchases. Someone has people's credit card numbers. OR, someone from the place that prints out Amex cards have duplicated existing accounts!

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