Thursday, January 31

Helplessness: Car Hits Dog

Last night when I was out visiting a friend, I witnessed a dog get hit by a car. I was parking my car across the street when I heard tires shriek and a white car smacked into a black poodle mutt. It laid their in severe pain; whimpering and squirming. I have never witnessed this before. I wanted to call some one. Then a wave of helplessness came over me. Who do I call? Does 911 answer this? Fire department? Animal Shelters? The Dog Whisperer? Who? Like I know any of the phone numbers except 911 or know where they are in this area. What to do, what to do? Who do I call for this?
As I headed over to the scene, I saw the car who struck the dog, slow down, but continue to move away. As soon as they saw me and others head over to the dog, the car took off in a hurry!
It turned out the owner did not have his two dogs leashed. There was a park across the street, but this street was a four lane two-way street. It's a busy street where cars fly at 50mph, easy. So before anyone got upset with the car who hit and ran, we asked the owner what he was doing, with dogs that are not trained to stay put, near a high traffic street? It really didn't matter. The dog needed obvious medical attention for a broken bones it seemd. It was whimpering helplessly.
The owner was carrying the injured dog. He did not say much to us. His other dog supposedly was hit by the car as well. It apparently limped home and was out of sight. It didn't seem like it was his dogs. He just rushed home to call for help, I guess. Now, I am standing there and asking myself, what else could I have done in this situation except feel bad for the dog? Blame the owner? Blame the driver? That wouldn't have helped. I wanted to help but how?

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