Monday, January 14

I worked today... on my fantasy basketball team!

I totally did nothing today at work except read and research fantasy hoops. I wonder how many company hours are lost by this past time. I'm actually the commissioner in my Yahoo league. I must say that it is going smoothly this season. No controversy between teams like, bad trades. The fantasy football leagues I have participated in have never been as fun. Mostly because to the formats for each sport, and partly because of the inept personalities. In this hoops league, half of the league is from the first league I ever joined and the others are from the 2nd league I joined. It's pretty funny actually. The first league champ is actually putting up the original league's championship silver plate. It has engraved names of the past year's winners. Originally it was a real huge money league with 12-14 teams. Then it faded after 4 years. I continued a smaller and thinner league. It was equivalent to the USFL in football or ECW in wrestling! As it so happens, the USFL migrated into the NFL and the ECW into the WWF.
Now, there's a balance of new participants and veterans. I got 11 good people. Some I've never met before. The original commissioner has joined, but I remain the current commissioner. We take it for what it is; fantasy. We all have fun with it. I try to run a tight but fair league. No surprises. I feel thats important when commissioning whether it's big or small with money or no money. I try to prevent people from saying; the I didn't knows or I didn't sees, remarks. It also helps, there's good people in the league who are just simply basketball fans. In any league, team or group, it just takes one bad seed to screw up the overall attitude. It usually stems from being misinformed or uninformed. So far, so good. I like commissioning.
I'm a big basketball fan. My team isn't going anywhere though, but I'm in 6th place of 11 teams. Duncan and AI are giving me big stats. I need steals and assists.

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