Thursday, January 3

It's still the same as being away at college...

... you miss your parents' house when you are away, but cant wait to get back to school during a visit. Does anyone else have a certain limit in patience till they have had enough of the old family house rules and dynamics? It's nothing specific that unnerve me, just the accumulation of little things. I feel being watched and observed by my folks like the 18 year old going away to college. (But the thing is, I live less than one hour away! LOL) I'm reluctant to elaborate unless requested to. I wonder what different or similar family idiosyncrasies really urk other people? I wonder if I'm the majority or minority. How long a stay is long enough? Mine is 48 hours. Maybe I just miss the solitude of my own apartment after 48 hours. I'm giggling writing this. Its feels surreal that I'm actually writing about this; home is now considered as being 'away'.

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