Saturday, January 19

Knicks, Knicks Knicks ! - Nate Robinson

Yup, I am a big time Knick Fan. I've been following the team since the early 80's. Definitely got more fanatical when Patrick Ewing was drafted.
The Knicks are pretty sorry this year. Any Knick fan can write a million entertaining dos and donts for the team, but really it is gonna take some time and a total revamp of the whole organization.
So I will use a couple of posts to highlight the rare highlights the Knicks can produce. Here you go...
The Knicks played the Heat tonight. They actually won. Nate Robinson, the 5'9" point guard made this highlight reel put back:

I think he's a work in progress (still!), but he does have some skills. Reminds me of this block on Yao Ming two years ago.

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