Sunday, January 6

Motivational Quote - Mr. RRowdy

"It's not where you are. It's who you are with." - Me

This is my motto on having fun or memorable experience. Do you have close friends that when you get together, all of you are laughing your asses off wherever you are? I do. We don't have to be in Disney Land, exotic resorts or trendy night clubs to have a great time (even though we have). We can hangout on a driveway, sit in the middle of a lawn or just drive around, and make the best of it. It's your company that is important. I must be pretty fortunate to know some very unique characters. I know there are several other quotes about the company and the friends you keep, but this one is mine.
Some people will never comprehend this. Some people love to go to places just to to be able to say they have been there, but did they really, really have a good time? Or did they just like the novelty? In my reality, the places where you are may enhance the experience, but it is who you experience it with makes it unique.

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