Monday, January 7

Politics: Know, Don't Know or NO !

I came across a group, possibly college students, on line in a store. I wasn't paying attention to their conversation, until one guy loudly bursts into laughter. I tried to listen to what it was about. They were talking politics. He laughed at the idea (not about the popular notion of having a female president with promiscuous ex-president husband) about how an amendment to a tax law may change his voting decision on a candidate. I cant begin to tell you all the details to the political topic they were discussing or even find its humor. Politics always put me to sleep, like math to others. I vote and read up during voting times but to have daily conversations about government? Count me out. I'd rather talk about astrology! Ive realized that you can not be a part time follower in politics (like a young republican). There is a passion like a Yankee fan. Theres a thick line I draw between a real fanatic, a bandwagon fan or the not interested. I am the not interested on politics. Politics, you know it, or you don't, or you just say NO to it.

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