Friday, January 18


Man, I'm sore all over from last night's Kali training. We did more than the standard knife drills that I did years ago. For the first 15 minutes, there was a cardio-blast regiment that we had to do. I was not expecting the intensity. (I actually got there late, I got lost.) My back and ass hurts. I'm so out of shape. My thoughts while training? Well, I was too busy sucking wind to think! Today, I was slow moving to and at work! We never had strength and conditioning before! Ow! I was doing this cow bell exercise that I think dislocated my pelvis from my spine and thigh! LOL
I'm motivated to continue though. My good friend, the Guru (Kali instructor Title) was quite excited to see me. His school looked great; modern and spacious. I hope to write more about my friends as they come about this year; the guru will be one of them. His origin as I perceive it is quite unique.

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