Friday, January 11

Yo, Wsup Wit Dat? - Uncharted: Farted !

Wsup Wsup peeps! im no literary writer or grammar expert. I'm here to drop some knowledge, and keep it real. i dont believe you need to know how to write like a professor to deliver a message. Everybody already got some sort of abbreviated written method now like cell phone texting , instant messaging or emailing, where proper grammar is not needed. Right? Shiiii, ima keep it real for WaveMaker365, add some flavor up in here, just as long Mr. RRowdy dont edit the shi out of my posts! Aight, let get to it...
Dont you hate it when you cop something that you really like but the thing dont last or got problems? Yo! Anybody play Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for PS Triple? (thats playstation3, if yall dont know by now). The game is hot; movements, climbing, graphics. I picked it up last month and finished it 3 times already. The thing is, the fkn game locks up your system! I thought it was only at one part, at in the later Chapters (Going Underground), but it locks up in all other ways. I try to load a saved game it sometimes gets to the game but then when i skip the movie, i get the black screen with the medallion in the lower right hand corner spinning. Sometimes the music plays in a loop with this and never stops. then i started all over again from scratch, it locked up after chapter 14. yo im gettin mad heated just writin this because i had 54 treasures of the 60! YOOOO! im about to kick in my plasma! (nah, im not. just buggin. haha.)
You would think these expert video people, who get paid good paper, would get this right. Damn, us PS3 owners dished out the most loot for the system and games. This crap shouldnt happen. So i surf the web forums (which many people experienced the same) and call gaming stores, and they instruct me to Restore my Default Settings for my ps3. (pretty simple, but time consuming , nah-mean?) So i gotta do that every time to play Uncharted. (if anybody got a better solution, holla)
Im not a crazy 24-7 gamer, but im real picky about games. Im not one of those crazy peeps who stay in the cold for game releases and all that. I aint hatin bcuz yall are passionate, but i aint staying outside overnight and holding my shit in for 24 hours, to not lose my spot on line!! Yo, but i really like Uncharted. It should win some video game awards for its innovations. i have to reset my default settings everytime i play, and it takes a few minutes to go thru, which really sucks just to play a game. Dont know if i should keep it or not. shii, i just inserted the game and it started up but locked up when i selected a scene from a saved game. my older games are ok still. what a fkn rip. now, all i can get is about $25 if i exchange it.
this is some bullshii. when i play video games it should be good to go for chillin and buggin out, not feeling ripped off like this everytime i wanna play it. plus their should be a recall law like with cars for video games. Wsup wit dat? i fkn hope it aint my system with a glitch. Im pawning my PS triple if it happens for my next game. get at me with some comments, yo!
Im out, peace.

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