Wednesday, January 23

YO! Wsup Wit Dat ?! - You Old, You Out !

Whas good people? Yeah, Yeah, im back for another piece. For some strange ass reason, this week ive been noticing more and more old people on the regular. Old people; old ass senior citizens that cant handle their bizness anymore.
I was driving on the right line chillin. i see this old ass buick come merging into my lane like im not even there. So im like oh, this boy wanna play some games? Yo my whip aint nuthin special but its this fkd up move gets me. So, i bust to the middle lane and pull up hard on next this buick. I check him. It's a pale, white haired, senior citizen with a corduroy bucket hat on. My man got his nose up on the steering wheel. His hands shaking while holding the wheel. Yo! Wsup wit dat? mad dangerous. I dont even wanna hit my hit horn. He might freak out, lose concentration and lose control. Ha. These people need to take a road test again at like 55 or something like that. Mad dangerous! Ya hear me? plus this guy is driving 40 in 55mph highway!!!
Aight, so now im at a bank. Im tryin to set up my new account. im told to wait at the customer service area on the side. Theres this senior citizen rep. Shes about 5ft tall with her back hunched over. Shes wearing something that came from the 6os. Shes walkin mad slow to the restroom. Then, i hear her fart! For Ril Yo! She continues farting while shes walking to the restroom too. I look away and i check out the other reps she passed. All three reps got the stink face on, and trying to maintain like it doesnt bother them. It was mad funny. The one latin rep even sprayed her perfume. So it had to stink! So after about 15 min, i see the old lady come out of the restroom. It took her forever to get to her desk 20 ft away. Now, I see her walkin towards me, and calls my name. Im like aw shii! this -itch is gonna handle me? Daaaamn, Wsup Wit Dat? She comes closer and i can smell her stink getting stronger! Ah damn her ass still stinks from the restroom! For-ril yo! why do i gotta get this? and why is this lady still working? her hand is shaking while shes writing my info down. she asked for my ID so she can photocopy it. I notice the copy machine is past the restroom. its been 45 min since i got here. Yo, this is already taking mad long. for her to get to it then come back is gonna take forever. And im not feelin this old rep to set up my account. who knows what she is gonna enter in the computer. Fk this, i took my ID back, and bounced! This lady needs to realize she needs to RETIRE !!! and why would an employer keep her at this position? ya nah-mean?
I respect the elderly to a certain limit, but not when performance is slippin. they gotta be able to maintain. these senior citizens arent helping shit. I dont know why the old man is allowed to drive when they make it more dangerous for everyone else. I dont get why an old lady still works at a bank when everybody can see she is a work liability. Plus she cant control her farts! Yo, they need to get forced retirement up in there. When people get older they get slower. Thats just the way it is. And when they slow up everyone else, then it's time for them to be out!!!

— A 94-year-old Stuart resident careened his car into the entrance of a local bank on Wednesday morning, but no one was injured in the accident.

Frank Cressman, of the 3500 block of Kanner Highway, was trying to park his Grand Marquis in a handicapped parking spot at the National City Bank on Kanner Highway when he missed the spot and crashed the car into the front door about 10:45 a.m., police said.

“It was just an accident,” Cressman said. “I slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator. We’re okay. Except for the car. And the bank.”

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