Tuesday, January 8

Car Squeak

I rode in a friend's new 2008 Ford car today and I heard several rattles and squeaks from its interior. I am one of those people that hear those distinct sounds that interiors make. For some people (with good hearing), some sounds do not even register. I for one, 'listen' to my car. If there is a new squeak or rattle, it will irk me. I will need to know where it is coming from. My '05 vehicle with 40k miles has been sounding a new creak lately. It particularly annoyed me today.
I'm not talking about using Dynamat on the car's inside shell to deaden three 10" subs bumping. I'm talking about those annoying squeaks from plastic panels, drink holders, door compartments, seats or glove box that shake on regular basis on regular roadways. Wouldn't you feel a bit swindled if your new vehicle's compartments and panels were distinctly rattling after only 2k miles? I don't know if my friend is aware of it.
So my friend with the new car, now gets into my car. I tell him that I am trying to find out where an annoying squeak is coming from. I try to tell him when the squeaking happens after certain bumps. He can not distinguish any. I hear and say it is so evident. Then he checks the door jam. It turns out that it is the cause. He turns to me with real perplexed (wtf?) look and tells me his car makes a similar sound all the time...

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