Friday, February 8

Peeps at Work

Do people have jobs where they do not talk to anyone? I can understand if you are in Lab all alone. Another inquiry is; do you need to have friends at the work place/office? I know cool peeps do help to make a serious office less tense. How important is having friends at a job? Do you have to be close friends and talk about everything? I get along with everyone. I just don't indulge in all my 5-9 activities like its a homepage. I'm not like the known disgruntled employee who is nasty to everyone. I think people will need people to vent to. Sometimes that helps to have them on site, but a phone call at night to a friend does similar. Can you really go through the day without chillin here and there? There are people who work like robots, I know. What if we were forced to hang out with people, like in the show, The Office. They had try to get to know their co-workers more.
I guess what I'm getting at is, the work people that I was cool with have left or leaving the company. Yup, boring. No 'chillin out' without your 'peeps'. Shi, Im gonna turn to a boy scout now! haha.

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