Friday, February 29


It is the last day of the month. I'll start using this day to review the Highlights. Hmm, since the blog posts the latest posts first, it will actually act like a menu for the month. I decided to publish each month when they are fully complete. So all posts/days of March will be release at on the same date. Hopefully, by mid April (15th).
Giants win Super Bowl, Super Bowl Parade, kept watching shows; Def Comedy and The Wire. Seems like there were plenty of wacky work related topics for me this month.
Four Motivational Quotes continued to be posted every Sunday.
Jon Loki continued to hate with his 'Wsup Wit Dat?' posts on dates: 2/7, 2/18, 2/28.
A new guest author, Rikki RooRave was introduced. She started the New Wave Music Archives: 2/2, 2/12, 2/20, 2/27.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming. Thanks. I gotta keep it moving, on to March!

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