Wednesday, February 6

Is your boss cool like that?

So I called out sick yesterday. I said I had stomach issues. Today, my boss asked me in the break room, how the Giants parade was. He joked and said someone saw me on TV. I replied smoothly that I had plans to go, but I bailed out on my friends because my stomach was really bothering me.
So, this eats at me all day. Should I have admitted to my boss that I faked it and really went to the parade? Did I insult his intelligence? He is, pretty cool. How cool? Hmm. Should I have just told him straight up on Monday that I was going to go and hope he wouldn't charge me a vacation day. He doesn't really know I'm a Giant fan. I didn't give an inch.
So in that instant of turning around to answer his question, my mind decided to tell a half truth. I did not admit I was at the parade. Shouting myself out doesn't feel right. I figure, what boss would respect someone for admitting to lie about being sick. Then, the next time I call out he'll have doubts. Sure everyone does it, but no one admits right? Or did I make it worse because I didn't own up to it? Would he be cool with me if I was straight with him from the start? Nah, don't give in.

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