Saturday, February 2

New Wave Archives #1: Temptation by New Order

After Joy Division's lead singer hanged himself on May 18, 1980; devastated, the remaining trio immediately disbanded, only to re-form soon after as New Order with the addition of a keyboardist. Thus, New Order are an English rock group formed inthe fall of 1980.
A change in musical direction was brought about when New Order visited New York City in 1981. The band immersed themselves in the New York dance scene and were introduced to post disco, Latin freestyle, and electro. The singles that followed, "Everything's Gone Green" and "Temptation", indicated the change in direction toward dance music.
This album cover is the original version of the song in 1982. I say, the better version. It begins with an intro fading in slowly with 'ooh hoo hoo'. The first lyrics are "Oh youve got green eyes, oh youve got blue eyes, oh youve got grey eyes." before the actual verses. Hahaha. Don't make me start singing it! Plus there is a two voice harmony at "Bolts from above hit the people down below..." On the 1986 version on the album Substance, the beat and guitar begin immediately. (see/listen video below; from a New Order DVD) Ok , Ok, enough inside info. If anyone knows how to add songs to blogs let me know.
Today, New Order still gets love. VH1's website actually has an extensive bio on them. Maybe because they are still around. Frankie who? Ha. Well, all I know, last year, they sold out in an hour at the venue nearest to me. Not the biggest arena, but I didn't think they'd sell out 7,000 tix that quick!
Here's a great link of all the New Order Singles Covers. I know all you ex-New Wave dj's are saying, "Awwwwww, shii!" or maybe not. My older brothers will for sure!

(1986 song version, 2005 video)

(Note to Mr. RRowdy: Since this is your fave group, I decided to use this as my first post. In depth enough for you? I know you have the original version of Temptation also (probably on repeat on your iPod!) LOL. I don't know how to add a soundtrack to this blog. I don't wanna figure it out, so please allow me to be a girly-girl and ask you to add it for me, if you know how or if you wanna share... pweeeez! Thanks!)

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