Wednesday, February 27

New Wave Archives #4: "I Melt With You" by Modern English

"I Melt With You" video became an MTV staple in 1982. A super boring video. As were all the videos of the time. Just having a non-concert video on MTV was big time then! The song was on the Valley Girl soundtrack in 1983 (with a young Nicholas Cage). The song never reached the top 40, but it's amazing how many people know the words to the chorus! '...hmmmmm hm hmmmmmm...'

I think I know why I am needed for Wavemaker 365... Let the girl get CORNY right? I see. I do, though. At least I can admit it!
So with all my giggles, hehehe, here's the actual movie clip from Valley Girl:

The Original Video:

With giggles,

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