Tuesday, February 12

New Wave Archives #2: Touch by Secession

Secession was a Sottish synth pop band from 1983 to 1987. Have you seen a video of this classic song? This is one of my new wave electro-pop classic anthems. LOL. That sounds so funny! I cant stop giggling. I still have this on vinyl.
From my searches of the web, I see there is still alot of love for this song. It remains a true new wave classic, where mainstream america never caught on to it. Can you dig that New Wavers? Now, if you really want to show me something; is part 1 or 2, the versions with girl singing in second voice, "...and I know it won't be easy... touch me, touch me.." Please share!

This is a live performance in 1985. Its sooooo lip-synced and prerecorded! You were either dancing or making out at an electro-pop concert because there was really nothing going on up on the stage! LMAO.

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