Tuesday, February 5

The NY GIANTS Super Bowl Parade

What can I tell you? My god-brother and I made it down. Holy shit, it was crazy already at 9am. We managed to get on the corner of Warren and Broadway. Approximately 2 million people were at the parade. And most were chanting "Boston Sucks!" or "18-1!". I was too! I loved it. We met up with 6 more friends at an Irish pub after. I got hammered; drinking til 5pm.
We ended up eating at a stylish Korean lounge for dinner. My god brother's older sister works in the city wanted to meet up. It turned out that her office is in the canyon of heroes and had catered food to watch the parade that morning! I was not really too disappointed. It was an awesome vibe on the streets.
Anyway, what the hell was I thinking? Earlier I was downing beers and shots and shouting "G-men!" with washed up jocks at an Irish pub, now I'm trying to maintain at a quaint and quiet lounge where no one else knew who David Tyree was! I've advised her before that football is about being dudes. Wings, pizza and brew mixed with profanities are on the menu on Sundays. She got the wings part right. I let her slide. It's not a football Sunday! Though, the Kim-chi flavored chicken was excellent! LOL. The train ride home was torture.
David Tyree, who ? ?

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