Monday, February 18

Presidents Day - Wsup Wit Daat?

Yo, wsup y'all. wus good? I know its a national holiday, which reminds of something that happened when i was chillin this past saturday.
I was chillin @ somebody's cribb and this young cat, comes out tryin to be all funny. hes jokin he doesnt care about presidents day. he being loud about it like hes doing stand up for the room. he just knows its a day off for him. ok, we get that. Then he says the only dead presidents he misses are the benjamins not in his pockets... hmmm... whaaaat?... Wsup Wit Dat, !??? (yall dont get it?)
Yo, a bunch of us stopped and cracked up in his face!.... whats more funny is this cat, thought we were laffing with him for minutes. he was looking for pounds like he was down, and we kept buggin out.... we didnt bother to tell his dumb ass. You aint funny if you dont have your facts straight!
Benjamin Franklin was not a president... Dumb ASS!
heres you list of presidents:

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