Friday, February 22

Snow, An Enemy?

I have never seen so many people hit the panic button because of snowfall as I do in the area I work in. Ok, we got about 8-12 inches today. A good amount. You see, people around here would never say a 'good' amount for snow. It is always considered a bad amount. In ski resort states, like Colorado, the weather man welcomes fresh snowfall with a smile. They first commend on how great the first run on the slopes are going to be. Then they advise travel conditions. They welcome it and then remind how to prepare for the snow. They know that their audience are well equipped for snow. Here, the local weatherman shun the idea of an inch of snow, then bark warnings like it is a nor'easter with over the top preparations. Like these locals have never seen a winter!
Wow. Four people (including myself) out of 40 people on my office floor showed up today. What is the use of the company weather emergency phone number, if 90% of your office will stay at home on the first flake of snow? I am aware of the dangers in snow travel, but there would be the same head count if there were only one inch fallen. I am so intrigued by this , that I ask why some people fear the weather so much. Most claim two things; 1) they have kids home when schools close, and 2) its dangerous.
Fine, you have young kids that you can not leave alone. So everyone in the company has kids 10 years and younger, or have kids that are older but are incompetent? Whats wrong with being a latch key kid for a day? (I was, starting at 7 years). Couldn't you have prepared their meals while you were watching the weather channel for five hours straight the night before?
So the roads are dangerous. Wait, you take the train. Wait, you bought an all-wheel drive vehicle. Wait, since I've been in this high-tax area, the highway and roads gets cleaned pretty well and quick. Wait, officials have not issued a state of emergency to close roads or shut down businesses. So are you unable to get to work or just scared? Or are you taking advantage of the company's leniency?
I guess these locals have not been or refise to be conditioned like other people and cities. Skiers know how to deal with it, driving to mountains. Big cities with hustle like New York City and Chicago are hard to slow down. Plus their companies do not accept sick days in due to weather too kindly. Northern Californians would just say wow. I welcome the snow.
You have always lived in this area with winters (every year!), so why act like snow is an enemy?

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