Tuesday, February 19

Toshiba Quits - Sony's Blu-ray Wins DVD War

I guess in some tiny way its Sony's revenge for Betamax tapes getting booted by VHS tapes in the 80s. I kinda felt Blu-ray would pull through. It does support more data capacity per layer compared to HD DVDs. (25Gig vs. 15Gig) I hated hearing the debate. Simply, more storage, more defined and steady resolution. Sucked for the Betamax owners, and now HD DVD owners. I was or am neither. I've always been a Sony fan. There are many other electronic high end companies but Sony has a gambit of products that reaches to all levels of audiophiles or videophiles. If its cheaper and does better than Sony, then I'll take the equipment. If I got the cash then I'll go to the high end maker as well. Sony products are what I use to guage other products. Some people say that the instructions and set up for Sony products are too difficult and confusing. Some reviewers say, you'll need an engineering degree to set up their equipment. Got one. So, I don't listen to that reasoning.
So what now for Blu-ray? WOW, all those movies under one format is huge. Hmm, let me see if the stocks have jumped. Actually, the news broke from Japan that Toshiba was out on Saturday. Today, was the official announcement from the company. Sony (SNE) stocks jumped 2 points in a day (from about 44.5 to 47.0) PS3 sales should improve as well; cut into to the HD DVD format emulator for the Xbox 360, maybe? (That's a Sony home theater in the picture. hot!)
Just get the Transformers movie on Blu-ray asap. Paramount sold out on selling only on the HD DVD format. It pissed off a lot of people, including the director, Michael Bay. He even said he would not do a sequel if his movie was not available on Blu-Ray.
I've been saying to myself for months to start a DVD collection, but I haven't. Partly, because of the format war, but mostly because Blu-ray in pricey still. I hope the cost goes down. Shit, its only one format now, so it might not change. Yet, the Transformers movie is a must have for my Blu-ray movie collection.

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