Wednesday, February 13

The Wire

I just realized I've been following the HBO show, "The Wire". It's about half way through the season. It is a really an intense show. I knew the show has been critically acclaimed over the years, but I never knew it was this good. All the characters are quite believable. I've caught somes episodes since the series was introduced 4 years ago, but never kept up. Finally, getting a DVR cable box last year to record shows helps. Like I said last month, I've been watching a lot of TV this winter. This season is the final season for The Wire. Each episode, so far, consistently creates suspenseful subplots that get intertwined with the major plots. I can see now why some new viewers could have a difficult time picking up the show. The story is thick on several character issues from past seasons. Check out the HBO website for more on the show. Definitely the series is worth a look on DVD.
I'm glad I got put on this season by this trailer last month.

Below, is the very first scene of this season. That's a photocopy machine they use as a lie detector!! LOL. I wander if kids really fall for it, hmm?

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