Thursday, February 7

Wsup Wit Dat? Inbetween Circles

Yo, Wus good. Do you know that guy who always knows all about the latest and coolest products and claim they could have gotten you a better deal somewhere else after the fact? Like if they see your TV, they'd ask you about it. Then they claim they 'could' have gotten a cheaper deal because they know 'somebody'. Whats that supposed to prove? Do they want me to believe that shii and respond, 'now you tell me'? P-Please! Like t it's my fkn fault that i didnt meet him before I bought the TV? P-Please yo! Or they tell me about the new model comin out next month, thats got more features than mine. Whatcha trying prove dawg?! Ok, Ok, so you know your TV electronics! Shiii, go try to impress someone else who don't no what HDMI is! Ill keep them in mind next time, but most of the times they front and say it was a one time deal!! Some lame excuse like that... Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Sometimes, I'm at other spots or parties, and nobody is up on any hot gadgets. Some dumbasses sit impressed, watching music videos on my year old iPod. W-uuuut?Then I try to give them some basic info; where and what to look for. They take it like im the dude tryin to show off and impress them with info and hookups... hmmm... WsupWitDaaaaaat? Nah-mean? In between circles, bugs me out, like that picture...

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