Tuesday, March 4

After Hours - Internet Radio

By far one of the top Web radio stations for Trance.
The station presents the latest and newest mixes and tracks. DJs are from all over the world. What stands out for me is the their playlist for progressive Trance. No other web radio for Trance plays the mixes and tracks that I really like. While listening to this station, I find myself often saying that a track would probably sound awesome in a real club. Good Trance to me is not to as much the hard pounding beats 120 bpm with a repeated electro-synth riff that dominates over a buffet of sounds. I think thats more of a classic 'techno' sound. The Trance I like has smoother blend sounds that create layers of rhythm that you can dance to, without looking like your doing aerobics.
DJ Tiesto is one of my favorites because he selects and remixes tracks that have rhythmic similarities. He also does not stretch sounds too far; a high pitch note or base engine roar. Meaning, he recognizes what tones match in his remixes and he has the ability to know when to change up the the tempos in all his mix cds as well as his concerts. This makes a huge difference when you are at a long six hour set at a club or festival. Tiesto does not use corny poppy samples nor use monotonous down beats. Simply, he has the talent to know what tracks go with one another and when to play them for the people.
Though there are several sub-genre and subcategories one can use for Trance or Techno, After Hours or AH.FM radio continues to play the Trance mix and sound that gets me moving. Tune in, and you'll know what I'm talking about. It would be worth me gettine satellite radio if i could this station in the car!!
My next task is to try to find where I can get all these tracks and mixes I wrote down while listening to After Hours Radio... Lubricant/Domination, Galen Behr/Rain Of Tears ep.13, Pedro Delman/Melomania March, Justin Hand/mixed by Hand, Davis West/Welsh Morphology...just to list a few... anyone?
Here's Tiesto Concert Footage to illustrate the world of Trance:

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