Monday, March 24

American Economy - Poker

Have you ever played poker and witness another player continue to buy-in at the max limit? While other players are still using their original buy-in amount for the last dozen hands, this one player insists that his luck will change with the same weak strategy that everyone at the table knows how to counter. wave maker 365wave maker 365 It NOW takes about $1.60 Wave Maker 365American for 1.00Euro. In 2000, it was $0.84 for EU1.00. So basically, the MORE the USA keeps flooding the market with American dollars the less worth it becomes. Well ladies and gentlemen, now you see how the economy of the USA looks to the world. The USA keeps buying in! Thus, the best example is the crash of the American dollar versus the Euro.Now how would you like to be the house that continues to bless the loser with more credit and chips to play another hand? Once a big time player has now lost his strategy to win.

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