Tuesday, March 11

Animation - Marvel Comics

I just the watched the latest Teen Age Ninja Mutant Turtles animated movie in High Defintion. It was not bad. Not that I'm a fan of the show but I'm a fan of comic book heroes and HD aninme. When are movie makers going to apply the latest CAG technology to the Marvel Comic heroes? If this TNMT movie was pretty detailed, I would suspect the super moves and super powers of The Fantastic Four or The X-Men would also be represented well. Though its latest films do use great CAG effects. If a studio could use the same technology that was used for the The Incredibles to comic super heroes, the whole comics universe would make a larger claim to the film and dvd world. Movies today are closing the gap between reality and virtual reality.
Man, I would like to see more super powers doing massive damage on the big screen; the Hulk knocking down a building, Thor throwing Mjolnir to stop a missile or Dr. Strange casting evil spirits. I collected Marvel comics when I was a kid. I just want to see the the super hero represented more like the comics universe rather rely on an actor's limited impersonation of the character.

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