Wednesday, March 5

Lebron Shows Knicks: One man can beat a team.

LeBron James had 50 points, 10 assists, eight rebounds and four steals in the Cavs' 119-105 win over New York on Wednesday. His 50-10 night put him in a group with two other players who, in the last 20 years, have recorded a 50-10 night.
Lebron just showed tonight how elite a player he is. He did this dunk in warm-ups that would score a 10 in the dunk contest. He made shots even when fouled like this pic on the left. He made a fade away near center court look easy. I'll put a video clip as soon as I find any. I'm actually amazed that no one has put it on youtube yet. I hope this link of highlights is still good:

People were actually shouting 'MVP' at MSG tonight. I can't remember if that ever happened to MJ. We would boo. Thats how sorry the Knicks franchise is now. There are more non-Knick fans attending home games. This sucks.

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