Thursday, March 20

March Madness Brackets -NCAA Mens Basketball

Ive been filling in brackets for the field of 64 (now 65) since 1987, when Keith Smart of Indiana hit the winning shot against Syracuse.
I read in a survey a couple years ago that the production of emplyees who follow this tournament falls 60% on the first two days of the this tournament. That's when games are played from around 1pm through midnight. Thus, fans are either taking long lunches or watching the games on their work computers!
In my Final Four: UNC, UCLA, Texas and Wisconsin. UNC is the favorite. Its not as fun when othe people pick all the favorites, but in this case I think UNC will take it. I joined 4 online brackets; 1 with friends and 3 open. Lets see how I do. Ive only won once; the last time Michigan St. won it all.

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