Monday, March 31

March : Month In Review

Another fun month, so far, so good. Thanks for surfing us. So here's what was going on in March:
Rikki RooRave covered four of the biggest Trance Djs.
We selected the weekly Motivational Quotes would be from great actors.
Jon Loki continued to cover more of society's hiccups; this month was more on selfishness. I even put my two cents on America's economy.
Other news covered were: St. Patrick's Day, The Wire Finale, Pacquiao Wins, Parkour/Free running and March Madness begins.
Note: Readers' comments are taken off after a week or so. Though we'd love to keep the positive feedbacks and comments, some take a big chunk of space on the front page. (well, it is the only page for this blog setup) We hope we become a bigger and better entity to satisfy everyone.

Thanks again for catching our waves!

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