Thursday, March 27

NCAA College Basketball: Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight is now an analyst on ESPN for college basketball. What a great addition. His wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the game, on and off the court, is so evident when he speaks. There's no doubt he has earned the nickname, "The General". His points are clear and concise. He illustrates the trend of each tourney game with specifics; no generalities like most do just save time. Then he is able to state the counter for each play a team runs. One time, Digger Phelps (ex-couch of Notre Dame) and Dick Vitale were trying to make a certain points about one team being a big underdog to another. This was the Davidson/Georgetown game. He didn't claim that one team will dominate, but he did predict clearly what the game plan was for both teams. He shut down every point Vitale and Phelps had. Then by halftime he predicted what Georgetown was going to do in the second half and then what Davidson should do to counter it. He instructed ways how the Hoyas can stop Stephen Curry, Davidson's leading scorer. The Hoyas had a different game plan. Georgetown lost. It went as he said, but he did pick the Hoyas to win. So, trust his game savvy not his betting advice. There's one thing to be great at X's and O's, but the great coaches have a feel for how the game moving; team momentum, players' energy and official tendencies.
#10 seed Davidson, upset #2 Georgetown in the second round behind Stephen Curry:

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