Wednesday, February 20

New Wave Archives #3: "Dreaming of Me" by Depeche Mode

Continuing this month's music Archive on New Wave music.

Looks like I woke up some old sleeping New Wavers from my two previous video posts. I'm not sure if I should go for another relatively rare song so you can say "Aw-shiii, I remember that old crap" or a fun one, so you can say "Aw, shiii, remember the dorky dance?". Let's see. Ive been in contemplation for a week... OK, its gonna be D.M. The biggest New Wave band ever is Depeche Mode.
Click On this site for the most extensive everything website on DM on the web. It is a fantastic website. It has album and singles timeline that will make any New Waver feel nostalgic.

Here is their first released single from 1981, Dreaming of Me. This is the earliest live footage I could find.

Did I already say the 'Biggest' New Wave group ever? I think the venue capacity changed a tiny bit huh? The clip is from their last tour @ Milan in 2006 of Just Cant Get Enough.

"With this, Depeche Mode not only tasted huge success for the first time but created a true '80s classic -- as it turned out, one of many. If one song had to define what synth pop is, was, and would always be about, it would probably have to be this..." (this is not my quote, im not trying to claim it!)

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