Saturday, March 1

Some people are always late, but are always there.

I don't remember why this sentence makes me do a double take. It makes me think of scenarios and situations that might demonstrate this best.
In one standpoint, it may remind us not to worry about minor flaws in people. Some people even with their flaws and imperfections are still there for you when you need it.
I read the sentence again. Now, I'm feeling it could also mean about attitude. Being optimistic when people still show up, instead of not coming at all.
Why be annoyed about people always being late for small occasions, when these same people are always there for you in serious matters? (correct me if that is a run-on question)
There is also an inference here that there are people who are drained from helping you out all the time. They are slow or late to help, but continue to care because they can't bare to see you down and out...
Anyone catch my waves ?

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