Thursday, March 6

Tax Refund: Good Accountant Bad Accountant

I went to my accountant, Mr. C, last night to drop off my tax return docs. He's been my CPA for over 5 years now. Now tell me, wouldnt you want an accountant that would do as much as he could to work the numbers in your favor? I've tried several accountants and Ive found some are better in some areas than others. As for now, I need someone who can get me the largest tax refund possible. In offices like H&R Block, you never know what type of rep you'll get.
I once worked with a retired senior citizen CPA who was working per diem. He took forever to enter my info. Plus he was so out of touch with using a PC and software, that I really think he missed some numbers or couldn't locate fields. I got audited that year. I also looked into other tax refund specialist. Most of them just plug and chug numbers into special software. If investing in the tax software makes you a specialist, then shit, I can do that on my own to save me the $100 processing charge!
Then there are your family friends' recommendations, where you think you can trust a friend of the family. Turned out all my relatives ended up knowing how much I make! One year, I thought I would be in good shape going to a friend's uncle. His uncle was their church accountant. He only charged a $50 fee. He also was the lowest calculated refund I ever had with the same yearly numbers. Turns out he's so religious that he didn't feel fit to approximate discounts that were allowed without receipts or use as many 'loopholes', to say the least. He considered it dishonest. WTF? Dishonest versus breaking the law are two different things! So that lead me to ask around and finally met Mr. C. An old friend, who always had unique side businesses contacted me about Mr. C. He told me Mr. C isn't as aggressive as his mother's CPA. I said I'll try Mr. C. to compare to the religious CPA's numbers. A week later, Mr. C's numbers were FOUR times greater. Of course, I was surprised, but weary. Five years later, the numbers still work in my favor; no issues , no audits. Mr. C recognizes all aspects and discusses all my options. He's dedicated and meticulous. He does not get to emotional about numbers. He says its just playing with numbers within the rules. Doing tax refunds is his second income. He wants me, as all his clients, to remain a client. Thus, he does his best so I wont go elsewhere. Now I hope Mr. C doesnt get too popular, where I end up getting bumped off his client list. I doubt it..

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