Friday, March 14

TRANCE DJs - Ferry Cortsen

It is I, R-R-R, Rikki RooRave, presenting another Trance DJ for this week!
Otherwise known as System F, Ferry Corsten rose to prominence in the late '90s as one of Europe's top trance DJs, highlighted by an anthem-filled appearance on Ministry of Sound's first Trance Nation album. Throughout the years, many of his original tracks have been remixed and remixed again by several of the world's top DJs. Thats why I put him on top for the most original. He supplies the food that other DJs end up making their own recipes for.
Moonman is another alias of the famous Dutch DJ. My favorite song is Galaxia by Moonman (1996) but this Dabbuca remix was released in 1999. The most popular remix is the Solar Stone remix, but all the versions for this track is happy. Isn't that what its all about?
Unfortunately, I don't have a clean video for this song (or any of its remixes). Does anyone out there? Share please. Damn, this song reminds me when when techno clubs were small, but were huge fun. The ones who really loved the music came out. Dont know about trance clubs nowadays, people have forgotten it's all about the music bringing people together. Just listen and tell me your not feeling real chill while listening to this:

Spinning one of his anthems, 'Rock Your Body'(2003), here's festival footage that captures the fantastic vibe that connects a huge gathering:

So double click his official site for more on Ferry Cortsen:
Someone wants to give me a nickname for my initials. "R cube" too much like Rubics cube no? "Triple R" or "R3 Girly" or "R to the 3rd" ... hmmm send me more and ill decide soon!
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