Saturday, March 8

Trance DJs - Paul Van Dyke

Hi. It is Rikki once again. My assignment this month is to cover and introduce some Trance/Techno/Electronic music DJs. Its a genre of music that is huge around the world doesnt get its due credit in the USA. A good way to put it is, Trance/Techno is the soccer of music genres. Trance/Techno like the sport of soccer is played worldwide, but doesnt share the same market of exposure in the USA. Trance/Techno still holds a big market even after the large wave of HipHop spreading internationally in the past decade. Concerts of popular Trance DJs pack stadiums in Europe like the rock bands and rap artists.
I cant think of any better DJ to start with than one of the world’s leading trance DJs and producers, Paul Van Dyke. In 1994, Paul’s debut album “45RPM” was released. Since then many of his tracks have been remixed by many other Trance DJs. His longevity and popularity have made him a true authority for electronic music. This is evident by his large following at his world tours through out the decades. You can't go wrong attending a PVD set or concert. It is electronica at its purist. PVD is a great representative to introduce the Trance/Techno culture to anyone who has never been exposed to it.
This PVD interview from last year demonstrates his real and sincere insights of his craft and industry.

Here's a great concert clip of an opening to one of his concerts:

If you like what you see, go click to the Paul Van Dyke

By: Ms. R.R.R.

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