Wednesday, March 12

Wsup Wit Daat? - Mine, Mine, Mine

Yo wsup peeps. This is the latest thing ive been seeing around. I see more and more people with a wack selfish attitude. Just recently, I was out having dinner at a decent restaurant. I over hear this young couple getting loud. The dude was gettin heated because his girl wanted some of his dinner instead of his. he didnt feel like sharing his food, and advises she should order another dinner but she gotta pay for it. Yo, i hope that wasnt their first date or worse, i hope they werent married! lol Theres less and less people who know how to share!
then i was at Taco bell. usually in Taco Bell you need to wait a couple of minutes for your order to come out, so you gotta wait on the side. Someone usually calls out the ticket number. they didnt here. they just line up the trays with the tickets. this girl, maybe in her 30s,who just ordered, rudely pushes her way thru the rest of us to check if her order was out. she starts asking each of us, if we took her order. 'is that mine... is that mine...' she asked. we all say no, but then she continued on like she was being ripped off.
So i had to bust out, and say, 'yo, you gotta ticket? look at your number and wait for it to come out, you have our 5 orders ahead of yours.'
as expected, she replies, 'what number?'.
I say, 'first time at a Taco Bell?'
she replies, 'yeah, you being a smart ass?'
i snap, 'yeah, i being smart, but youre being the ass!'
she told me to fk off, but i got my point across! Some way some how these self centered people are gonna learn how to deal with other people... shiiii, courtesy anyone?
Another spot i got beef with is at office parking lots when people think they have designated parking spots but they dont. yeah, theres reserved spots, but some peeps bitch about not getting their 'usual' spot. Fk daat Bull Shii!! while i was visiting my boy for lunch at his work, this prick rolls up on me. Mutha fkr had the nerve to ask me if i was gonna stay long and that the spot assigned to him. he tells me, 'thats my spot your in, are you gonna take long?'. i didnt see any signs. so i told him, i dont see any reserved signs and said see ya. the prick calls me a jerk and speeds off. wtf? is that spoiled and lazy or what? the prick didnt wanna walk a 50 ft more!
Wsup Wit Dat? Wsup with these peeps? Is it just me that this shii happens to? I know there mad shi that happen to yall out there!??

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