Wednesday, March 19

Wsup Wit Dat? - And You Are Friends With Who?

Do you know people that you tolerate only because you are close to a mutual friend? Seems like the more I see this prick of a person, the more I see things that justifies my irritations. Then the more difficult time I have to bite my tongue and convince myself not to blow a fuse because the jerk is a close friend of of my close friend. I would disrespect our mutual friend if I snapped. Just because two parties are close to the same person, does it result in the two parties having to be close? I think not. Im also aware this type of scenario happens with family members as well. For the overall good of the circle of friends, when is the right time to reveal the built up frustrations? Should I continue to put on a thick face? A thick face is so difficult for someone who wears their emotions on their sleeve.Just a another situation where taking the high road isnt the easiest; when a real jackass you want to tell off is a friend of someone who you highly respect.

(For those people who requested me to clean up my previous posts; grammar, caps, spelling and profanity. Now how do you like that people? Yo! I can write, I just dont like typing! Aight!)
Peace Y'all,

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