Friday, March 7

Wsup Wit Dat ? Yogurt?

Yo, check it. I was at the grocery store and saw this 'wide' person loading her carriage with this type of yogurt. Isnt yogurt supposed to be a low calorie/ low fat source for diets? Now you gonna add chocolate bars as toppings? Who is Breyers tryin to fool? You know what, they got some people hooked. Shiiii, dont even be on a diet and get the real size candy bar! This is like going to McDonalds ordering a supersized #1 with an apple pie with a diet coke! Just to let everyone know. This YoCrunch w/ Reeces has 260 total calories. The same amount of calories found in the regular Reeces two piece package. Who you tryin to fool? Yo, Ive tried them and they are real good, but Im on no diet! Wsup wit dat? Are these the same people who claim they are trying to lose weight, hit the gym everyday but drink only 'light' beer.
Calories are calories peeps! Stop faking. More calorie intake more to burn. Less intake less to burn off! Weight loss and diet business is a fkn billion dollar market because millions of people buy in to products to fool themselves.

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