Wednesday, April 2

2008 - 2009 NEW YORK YANKEES

As the 2008-2009 New York Yankee season begins this week. This being the last season to be played at the stadium. The New Yankee stadium is scheduled to be completed and ready by April of 2009. Since its 1974-1975 renovations, it has been home to six of the 26 World Series Championships. Here are some stats of the stadium:

Capacity: 53,000 (57,545 today)
Cost: 1.3 billion
Field Dimensions: same. Open air.
I think the renderings and the state of the art fascilities at the new ball park is well deserving for the greatest sports franchise in professional sports. I can't wait to check it out. You can find more info and pics of the new Yankee Stadium and all other the major league ballparks at:

Price really doesn't matter in New York for any NY fanatic in sports or any NY product. I managed to get some estimates for ticket prices from different sources.
~$2500 new field level suites/boxes, these and about 5000 seats will be priced over $750
-$90-40 tier seats
~$45-$25 forUpper deck seats
The stadium indicated that 80% of the seats will be priced under $100. Also, the bleachers will still exist but with less room. The prices are said to not change, so that will keep all the bleacher creatures happy. There's also going to be more eateries, bars and lounges, so fans won't necessarily be in there seats all game.

I'll let the season unravel to get a feel on how the team is doing. I'm keeping my eye out on how the new manager, Joe Girardhi is gonna handle a veteran squad. Curious about how the hyped up young pitchers will do in there first full season. Also, lets see if A-rod has the same drive now that he signed a new contract. So, Im hoping there's something good to write about the Yanks' season than the Knicks' recent season!

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