Wednesday, April 30

April Monthly Review

This was another fun month with an old school Hip Hop feel to it, since April marked the 20th year anniversary for YO! MTV Raps. This month saw record gas prices go to $4 a gallon. In 1988, the price was $1.10 per gallon. Wow!
Rikki RooRave presented four Hip Hop artists in her weekly Music Archives showcase; RunDMC, LL Cool J, Special Ed and Erik B. & Rakim. Click HipHop Archives to see.
Jon Loki, guest authored, a hilariously informative article on the do's and dont's for parents at a youth sports games. Wsup Wit Dat?
Also covered, were the New York Yankees new stadium, the idiot that buried an Ortiz Jersey at the new stadium, and my weekly Motivational Quotes. This month's quotes were from Hip Hop Moguls; Russel Simmons, Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Ice Cube.
Thanks again to everyone for giving us a look.

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