Saturday, April 26

Fantasy Basketball Payouts

First place went to someone new; not from our two previous leagues. (See my original fantasy basketball league post, here)
Kobe GasolHe named his team Semi-Pro, after the new Will Ferrel movie. We must look like crap to him, but he got lucky with Chris Paul killin' it in April. Also the team that was in first place for over the last five months of the seven totally fel apart in April. He had Kobe but everyone else had 'Gone Fishin' early to quote the term used by TNT basketball commentator, Kenny Smith.
I came in Fifth, I was tied for second in February, but that's when Pau Gasol got hurt for 10 games, and I went down hill from there. I swear I probably would've have done better if I did not make any trades, and stuck with my original draft picks.
I did end up meeting only two participants; two original members from the first East Coast league from 2000. One was the original commissioner (and god brother). The other, the former champ who held onto the championship plate for the past three years because the new league I formed was still not worthy or large enough until this year. This year it was competitive, the best one since I became the commissioner. (mental note: ask permission to use East Coast name for next year)
I hope to keep this going. It will be the start of the 9th year of this league in the fall.

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