Friday, April 25

Hip Hop Archives: Eric B. & Rakim

This week's showcase is the artists who created, Paid In Full (1987), ranked by MTV as the #1 album of The 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time (2006) . I really didn't know of this MTV acclaim until I started reading up on Eric B. & Rakim for my fourth Hip Hop artist showcase in tribute to YO! MTV Raps' 20th anniversary this month. The three previous weeks show cased; Special Ed, LL Cool J, RUN DMC. Erik B. & Rakim, a New York city product were the pioneers in mixing in samples and cuts from different songs from different records. Plus Rakim's lyrical style and content produced original tracks with not just a full range of sound, but social message as well. The album encompassed Hip Hop's trends, styles, and culture. They were never mainstream, nor did they really want to be. During that so called Golden Age of Hip Hop, Eric B. & Rakim represented Hip Hop in it's purest like no one else. They were Wave Makers.
The beat Erik B. invented for the song, Paid In Full, is what I consider the #1 Hip Hop beat of all time. When you hear this beat, it is Hip Hop. It has been copied, immitated and used for hundreds of songs for various artists; Marrs, Soul II Soul, PM Dawn, Enigma just to name a few that spawned big hits.

Is there any other beat that is as simple and pure as this one? It is a signature of Hip Hop when it was 'FRESH'. ha
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