Friday, April 18

Hip Hop Archives: YO! MTV Raps - Special Ed, I Got It Made

Hi everyone! It is R.R.R. again, Rikki RooRave!
Ok, Ok, I heard some of you suggest other great Hip Hop artists for this my, YO! MTV Raps (2oth anniversary) salute. All great artists mentioned; Beastie Boys, NWA, Snoop and Tu Pac. But c'mon, how can I showcase all the great artists that were on YO!, in my weekly spot in a month's trubute? I'd end up posting the guest of each show every day if I could. hehe. If you really wanna dive into it more check out the MTV section for this tribute; YO! MTV RAPS.
Yeah, so my criteria? To make it simple for myself and narrow my choices, it's basically the old school school artists 'pre' 1990 YO! MTV Raps. Yeah I know it strays away from a lot of YO! shows, but it is always a tough choice every monthly assignment I get, to weekly showcase for Wave Maker 365's Music Archives. We had the same questions when I show cased, the top Trance DJ's last month. (How can I leave out Sasha and Digweed?) If you guys keep hittin' me up I'll come back and do readers' choice from a past month's Music Archives. Deal?
The second criteria is what I still play on my Ipod. Which would mean its one my personal old school Hip Hop Anthems. Also, I choose the ones that make me say, "Ahhhhhh, Shiiii", when some one else plays it. And this one is one of them: (I found it on another great video sharing site, Thanks to Brightcove.TV)

1989, where were you when this was large? Special Ed was 16 when he released his album, Youngest In Charge. He still resides in Brooklyn, NY. Though he did not become a world wide success, Special Ed created a timeless Hip Hop classic that still bops heads young and old.

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