Tuesday, April 1

Mos Def In Concert

I went to see Mos Def in concert this past weekend. It was as good as a I expected. The venue was packed. Mos Def has always been a more mature Hip Hop artist that rapped more about social issues than clubs, ho's or toys; things money can't by. I guess that is the reason why I was interested in checking him out.
The concert featured Jay Electronica as the opening act. I wasnt feeling him too much. For an up and coming artist, I believe his attempt to impress the audience as an alternative, non-pimp and ho's rapper was premature. Im not saying he shouldn't express his motives but he was talking too much. I would have preferred for him to give a brief background or statement before each song he was gonna perform. That would have been a check for him to see if the audience was catching his vibe. Then open up if the crowd vibed. He was amped up, so he ended up force feeding his message. Who likes being force fed, even thoough, you may like the flavor? Then Erykah Badu pops out on stage to sing a hook and retains the inattentive crowd. We all knew it was time to get off the stage for Jay E. I do give him that the crowd was antsy from a long wait for the start time. I also think the sound; mic and beats kinda muffled each other out. It improved when Mos Def came out.
I must say I had forgotten the names of his tracks from the 90's when Mos Def popped on the scene with Talib Kweli. Though, I would know his popular songs if I heard them again. To me he represented New York, old school classic New York Hip Hop to the highest. Im old school like that. RunDMC, Erik B & Rakim, LL Cool J, KRS1 and EPMD tracks from the 80s are on my ipod today. I just prefer smooth, in rhythm and rhyme rappers; the ones that if they free styled everybody would stop and listen to the words, but heads would still be boppin... I was gonna write more about Hip Hop today but I'll save that for another post.
Mos Def did not disappoint me. He was on point. He generated a positive vibe and a genuine show. The crowd was into it. It wasn't the crowd that was all thugged out and actin a fool. It was more of a mature crowd. A theme that Mos Def exemplifies anyway. It was just a long wait especially if you had to stand all night.
Here's a good concert clip of that night, the best I could find. Share if you got clean audio and video. Thanks.

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