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Hip Hop Archives: Yo! MTV Raps - RunDMC

Hi everyone. Its Rikki RooRave again, throwing you some music waves. This month is the 20th year anniversary of Yo! MTV Raps. For all of you who weren't born yet or who haven't bought a Hip Hop cd in the past 20 years, you need to go the the MTV website and check out the countdown of the top 10 Yo! MTV Rap shows. It will take you back to when Hip Hop was about to explode!
The show ran from August 1988 to 1995. The hosts were Fab Five Freddy, Ed Lover, Dr. Dre. The shows that Fab Five Freddy hosted were always on site or at the artist's spot. The studio show was hosted by Ed Lover and Dr. Dre. The show was aired 6 times a week, with several stars and stars to be. It is the one and only Hip Hop show that single handedly launched the genre and industry to the monster it is now.

With that said, for my weekly showcase, I will put up a classic old school Hip video or performance. Unfortunately, MTV has been very stingy with the show's episodes. I haven't seen a single clip on YouTube or Google! So if anyone is out there with those vids, you'd probably blow up your blog or any file sharing account if you wanna share them!!
For this week, I select the pioneer and first mega artist in Hip Hop, RUN DMC. They co-hosted the first Yo! MTV Raps. They were already the number one Hip Hop group by 1988. Whats even more crazy there were no produced videos for their first album self-titled, Run-DMC. Today, it seems like anyone can make a video even if their track is garbage. I wish there was something good out there for their first hits, Sucker MC, It's like that, Hard Times and Can You Rock It Like This.
Heres the song and video that made the whole world wake up to Hip Hop in 1986, not to mention, wake up Aerosmith's music career as well. Here's the video to Walk This Way:

Though Jam Master Jay passed away in 2002 their is still a following. The reverend Run now, has a show on MTV called Run's House.
Check out the group's official website

I'll see you next week, right?
Rikki RooRave

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